about nomad

Nomad was initially established in January 2018. It started as a group project on the Entrepreneur and Design Management education by the two founders Daniel and Sigurd. Driven by a passion for fashion, trends and business, the path for nomad was set. Our output is inspired by our scandinavian roots and takes departure in minimalistic designs produced in high quality garments.

Nomad is inspired by the nomadic people and their ways of self sustaining and always making the most out of nothing. Nomad aims to do more than just create clothing, but to create a community and involve everybody who would like to take part of it. During 2020, we will launch the nomad tribe, which will allow friends of nomad to join in and have direct impact on the coming drops and the further development of nomad. Join our mailing list or shoot us a DM, if you want to be a part of it from the beginning.

It is our hope, that nomad can inspire more people to follow their dreams and contribute to culture all over the world.

Thank you for your interest,
Sigurd Birk